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These MIDI files will work with the Roland E-86, JV-1080, JV-1010, SCC-1 and SCD-15 sound cards, XP10, XP50, Sound Canvas, or any Roland product bearing the GS logo.

All of these demos use only one harmonic scale (Justonic's harmonic classic scale), and one method of modulating. There are many other harmonic flavors to experience. These MIDI files were created to show people that there is a difference between Equal Tempered tuning and Just Intonation tuning. The tunings we have chosen might be different than the tunings you would choose. The power of the Pitch Palette software lies in the complete user control over the tuning of any MIDI controller.

Steps for proper execution:

  1. Make sure you have the type of MIDI sequencer software as described on our Demo MIDI page
  2. Download jtest_rl.zip
  3. Unzip jtest_rl.zip
  4. Open sequencer and load jtest_rl.mid (test file)
  5. Open Lyrics window for track one. Or, read enclosed file; justonic.txt
  6. Play jtest_rl.mid. This MIDI file repeatedly plays one MIDI note number in different tunings. If the pitch of this note changes considerably (almost a semitone), then you know that your synth is retuning properly. If your synthesizer is not retuning, make sure that your device ID number in your synthesizer is the same as the device ID number in the Lyrics window. If you are still having problems, contact info@justonic.com.
  7. Download rolandgs.zip and unzip the files.
  8. Play other demo MIDI files. Each demo file contains Lyrics, on track one, to guide you through them. We have set up the patch on each MIDI file to be Rhodes piano. At first, choosing a clean sounding patch, with no vibrato, will help you to hear the difference in tunings. Once you have listened to each, feel free to try other patches. You will notice that string, horn and woodwind patches sound more like the "real thing" because generally, good string, horn and woodwind players will tune each chord to Just Intonation, rather than Equal Temperament.
  9. Let each MIDI file play to the end, to ensure that, after experiencing Justonic, your sequencer is set back to its original, Equal Tempered tuning.
  10. Have Fun !

Quick Descriptions of the Roland GS Demos :

IMPORTANT ! - These MIDI files will change the tuning of your synthesizer. Please let each MIDI file play to the very end to ensure that your synthesizer' tuning will return to its original state.

Download jtest_rl.zip - size : 1KB (test file for Roland GS synthesizers)

Download rolandgs.zip - size : 7KB (demo MIDI files for Roland GS synthesizers)


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